Refund cashbox rules

Русский перевод ниже. 預計中國翻譯. हिंदी अनुवाद प्रतीक्षा करें।.


Dear friends! Our voting campaign is at an end. 78% were in favor of organizing the refund cashbox under the Ponzi scheme and another 11% showed neutrality, with only 10% choosing the answer “no.” This gives us the right to believe that the participants of Ziber generally reacted positively to this solution of the problem.

Thus, let’s outline the nature of the cashbox:

The participants will voluntarily donate aid in the form of ETH to the cashbox wallet and at the same time send an e-mail to the technical address, in which they should state the amount that they have transferred and after how much time they would like to receive reciprocal aid from the other cashbox participants. There are no guarantees, and there cannot be any. All of this we do on a voluntary basis.

The interest rates will be as follows:

100% for potential aid after 30 days;

50% for potential aid after 16 days;

25% for potential aid after 8 days.

For example, if a participant has donated 1 ETH to the cashbox and had chosen the potential aid after 30 days option, then after the expiry of those 30 days, he or she may receive reciprocal aid in the amount of 2 ETH.

At the start of operation, we will set the limit on the number of transactions per day to be no more than 10. If your transaction is 11th, 12th, and etc., then your aid will be carried over to other settlement days, depending on the number of the transaction. In future, we will increase the daily transaction limit. We shall set the limit for one transaction at 3 ETH, so that large deposits do not bring harm to the major part of the cashbox participants.

The 30th, 16th, and 8th days will be calculated as from the settlement day on which you have been recorded, based on your daily transaction number. For example, if your transaction number is 13, then you will be recorded on the next day, and if it is 24, then you will be recorded on the day after the next day after you have sent in the transaction request.

All contribution and payout records will be recorded in Google Docs and everyone who sends a letter to the technical address regarding voluntary aid to the cashbox will receive access to this document, where he or she will be able to see all of the other participants’ records, interest rates and reciprocal aid payment days.

Reciprocal aid payments will be made only to the address with which the participant had contributed his or her funds to the cashbox.

The cashbox will be launched on August 14, 2017, a technical e-mail address for applying for aid will be announced and an application template, as well as the address of the cashbox ETH wallet, will also be published on this day.


Друзья! Мы заканчиваем голосование. За организацию кассы возврата по схеме Понци высказались 78%, а еще 11% проявили нейтралитет и только 10% выбрали ответ “нет”. Это дает нам право полагать, что участники Ziber в целом положительно отнеслись к данному решению проблемы.

Итак, изложим суть кассы:

Участники добровольно жертвуют помощь в виде ETH на кошелек кассы при этом отправляют письмо на технический адрес где указывают какую сумму они перевели и через какое время хотели бы ответно получить помощь от других участников кассы. Никаких гарантий в кассе нет и быть не может. Все это, мы с вами делаем на добровольной основе.

Процентные ставки у нас будут следующие:

100% на потенциальную помощь через 30 дней

50% на потенциальную помощь через 16 дней

25% на потенциальную помощь через 8 дней

К примеру, если участник пожертвовал 1 ETH в кассу и выбрал потенциальную помощь через 30 дней, то по истечению 30 дней, ему может поступить ответная помощь в размере 2 ETH.

На старте работы мы установим ограничение на кол-во транзакций в сутки, не более 10. Если ваша транзакция 11-ая, 12-ая и т.д., то ваша помощь будет перенесена на следующие расчетные дни, в зависимости от номера транзакции. В дальнейшем мы будем увеличивать дневной лимит транзакций.  Лимит одной транзакции мы установим 3 ETH, дабы большие вклады не несли вред основной массе участников кассы.

Отсчет 30и, 16и, 8и дней, будет производится от расчётного дня, в который вас запишут на основании номера ежедневной транзакции. К примеру, если номер вашей транзакции 13, то записывают вас на следующий день, а если номер транзакции 24, то через день.

Все записи о вводе и выводе будут записываться в Google Docs и каждый отправивший письмо на технический адрес об оказании добровольной помощи в кассу, будет получать доступ к этому документу, где будет видеть все записи участников, процентные ставки и дни ответной помощи.

Обратная помощь будет производиться только на адрес, с которого участник внес средства в кассу.

Запуск кассы произойдет 14 августа 2017 года, в этот день будет объявлен технический имейл для отправки заявок на оказание помощи, шаблон заявки, а также адрес ETH кошелька кассы.


44 thoughts on “Refund cashbox rules

  1. Even i lost my ether in this ICO. I emailed, tweeted, commented, messaged, but not a SINGLE reply. I really want to know what has happened. Team, please dug deep and tell us if they got hacked or its really a SCAM.


    1. prior to the ICO is very responsive. one of the best customer service I ever seen. However NOTHING to hear from them right after the ICO was opened. I recalled in just little over 1 hours there were hundreds of transactions total about 1000 ETHER them BOOM the contract was “SUICIDE” I asked why … but nothing hearing from them .. report to UK law enforcement. They just ca’nt rob in daylight right in front of the whole world and get away with it


  2. I got one reply from Mr. Jason White. He was one of the co founder.

    “Im not employed by Ziber only was asked to carry out a presentstion for them. Rhey have released a news press release regarding the recent hacking activity. Pleasr refer to them directly via their website for a specific response. Best wishes. Jason”

    Look how irresponsible they are. They don’t even care about investors money. There is one thing called Karma, They will know one day.

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    1. hmmthat is just ridiculous. if I recalled correctly. He was on the ziber ICO page as a big figure. His voice in the video sound like British English. it appears ziber was registered in UK. Report to UK law enforcement agency. I am confident Mr Jason White has pretty good knowledge about the crooks ziber team


    1. Hint : Don’t use credit (borrowed money) to invest.

      Just because this didn’t work doesn’t mean the next one won’t.


      1. I liked ziber so much therefore I spent significant amount of time to communicate with them on how it works. I download the window-base apps and check it out. It really works. due to my lengthy email exchanges late in the evening (10pm-12pm) with ziber. it appears the person who was at appears is probably reside in the US. was previously hosted by Cloudfare with a couple of IP located in San Francisco. I am sure Mr. Mark Braun (CEO and founder), Mr. Jason White (co-founder) and other co-founders has pretty good knowledge of what was going on. But NOTHING .. abosolutely NO WORDS from them. Coindash website was hacked (reportedly 7M USD stolen) but they did speak to come up with a solution to resolve it … ZIBER did NOTHING but silent ..


  3. my heart broken. nightmare. I could not believe. this ICO is my most favorite. Heavily invested in. Woke up early in the morning right at the moment ICO was opened, I sent my life saving of 25ETHER to the first ether contract address and just 2 hours they stole about 1000ETHER from contributers. Prior to the ICO they were very supportive ( but since then NOTHING .. ABSOLUTELY nothing hear from them. Track them down please. Justice need to done on those crooks


  4. Damn, first off, I’d like to commend whoever took over the ziber website and is making this RIGHT. I was going to invest in the Ziber ico but I realized something was up when the wallet address kept changing. I hope your team gets to the bottom of this and recover some of the funds. For the ziber fokes, I hope you get hurt like you hurt the community. We trust you and gladly send over the funds, with nothing in return. I do not believe they got hacked, I simply think they did this on purpose. If that is the case, every single person involved with Ziber will be tracked down. Jesus guys, people worked hard for that money and you just run with it??

    There is a special place for people like you.

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  5. justice need to be done. they just can’t rob right in daylight in front of the whole world and get away with it. thanks liya goddness so much for creating this website/forum.


  6. I also invested 1 ETH but I don’t understand what is happened and how can happened? Who will be responsible for this and how can I get back my money?
    I thought the Ethereum contract is it safety…


  7. Send them 1.25 ETH on the first contract address, before they changed , big money for me. Here’s my idea, you need to write a statement to the police on this Mr. Jason White, either he is part of this collusion, or he knows exactly the contacts of those people who asked him to hold that presentation, because they somehow contacted him! He is the key to these scammers

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    1. interesting. did you mean those who stole the Ether (execute contract SUICIDE) or the executives at former website ? and how do we be sure your info is reliable ?


      1. Managers on the site are hired workers.) I’ll give you the main rascal. And the confirmation will be the phone number from which you made the call, if you give me the date, time, and also the country where the call was made.


    1. hello. something I am having difficult to digest. Mr. White received 50K. it’s reasonable to assume other 3 executives received roughly the amount. so total to about 200K. there are more employee than those 4 executives and other expenses (setting masternodes , free calling trial period etc). the stolen ETH about 1500 currently worth about 330K .. so where is the profits .. ? do you know the real identity of the person who own those ETH addresses that stolen ETH got transfered to ?


  8. blacklist .. clustering .. thieve can have stolen ETH temporarily but when they cash it out .. they know what going to happen to them .. some day .. is it worth ?


      1. Gans, which makes you just as guilty as they are, hiding criminals and convicts is considered illegal as far as I know. I’m sure people would donate for your effort if information you have has an actual value, I doubt people who already lost much will risk losing more at this point.

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  9. gans !!! I strongly urge you to report to law enforcement officials to get them. I am certain you will receive donations more than what you asking for. you will not only proud for doing the right thing also to earn rewards. we deserve and have the right to live in a safe environment


  10. Just got a chance to check. Yeah My tokens is there .. wow .. interesting .. my favorite my belief has been Ziber got a pretty high potential to succeed.


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